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How can Linked4HR’s People Match service contribute to organizational growth?

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What is People Match?


People Match is “the refined process of identifying and engaging the right people for the right job at the right time.” It is about matching talent with the right opportunity at the best time.

With years of talent sourcing across organisational hierarchies and industry sectors under our belt, Linked4HR is a global Human Capital company that has expertise in workforce planning and delivering our capabilities across the talent acquisition process.


How can People Match bridge the current gaps in the recruiting process?


The generic recruiting process needs to account for the changing work landscape. Organisations that fill vacancies only sometimes consider the longevity of their new hires. This can have detrimental impacts on organisational success in the long-term.

People Matching allows organisations to hire talent that is fully aligned with their goals and ambitions. This leads to decreased turnover rates and reduces hiring costs. Using our advanced solution, we accurately assess a candidate’s entire skillset and personality, and match them with opportunities that will benefit the candidate and their employer.

This method allows us to help our clients improve employee retention rates, maximise employee engagement and create strategic succession plans.


How is People Match different from Recruiting Process


The general recruitment process is just finding someone to fill a vacancy. But People Matching goes one step further and involves conducting interviews, assessments, background checks, and technical tests on our candidates to prepare them for a role.

We also redefine job descriptions and provide a detailed report to our clients about what they can expect from our talent and what metrics they should use to measure their performance and success after the onboarding process.

Most of the time, the recruitment process is tainted by favouritism or unconscious biases which prevents the best person from being chosen for the role. With Linked4HR’s People Match, we consider the big picture and assess people on their skills, knowledge, personality, and experience to determine the value they can bring to an organisation.


The advantages of People Match


With skilled talent shortages becoming more rampant, it is imperative that organizations hire employees that will contribute to their long-term success. Our digital matching strategy ensures that our process is cost-effective, time-saving, and thorough. Our entire process is organized and efficient, ensuring that our clients can understand every step of our approach.

Our market research reveals that organizations that understand talent alignment and do it right are able to outperform their competitors by 50%

Linked4HR’s People Match service offers several advantages to our clients:

  • Expert in-house infrastructure

Our team of global experts have decades of experience in the talent acquisition sector and possesses industry insights across sectors. Their process is threefold:

    • Identify an organization’s goals and values
    • Gain a strategic understanding of the skills required for each job role
    • Assess and match the right talent to the right roles
  • Enhanced client support

We make great efforts to connect with our clients to better understand their values and ambitions. This way we gain the necessary insight to provide the best candidates and solutions to both their long-term and short-term goals, all while strengthening our working relationship.

  • Active talent pool

We invest a lot of time and effort into ensuring our talent pool is active, keeping the flow of communication and engagement constant. This way our candidates stay updated on the talent market and will be able to adapt their skills as needed.

  • Advanced digital tools

We use world-class digital tools to support our People Matching process. We also employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate part of our approach, while still using human intellect to make critical decisions.

This helps us gather substantial amounts of data in a short period which is essential for providing timely recommendations to our clients. This also helps us curate a database of potential candidates and sort them based on their leadership potential, technical skills, and behavioural traits.

  • Rigorous selection process

All our candidates are subjected to an intense selection process including interviews, both technical and behavioural assessments, training, and background checks. We do this to ensure that the candidates we deliver are fully prepped, and mission ready to increase an organization’s growth and development.

  • Constant upskilling

Rather than hiring a candidate to fill a role, we go above and beyond to ensure that candidate’s integration and longevity at their organization. We do this by providing career counselling to our talent by recommending certifications and training they could undertake to perform their role better, identify their goals, and support their career progression within the organization.




The continuous disruption and evolution of the job market and economy has deemed it necessary for organizations to keep up with these changes. Our People Match service is designed to aid our clients with this exact problem. It is a long-term investment to support organizations through periods of uncertainty and ensure success and growth in the future.

To learn more about our services, email us at contact@linked4hr.com

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