In partnership with “Globalise”, one of the global leaders in the Interim Placement, Linked4HR places exceptional Leaders in the industry who are visionaries, driven by business targets to address your short or long-term business requirements at the executive/ c-suite or at the middle management level without the hassle of long waiting on process delays.

These Leaders will help you shape your business with a fresh pair of eyes and perspectives, that will provide you with the drive, mileage, and competency, required for that seamless change that you are eagerly waiting.

A typical example of where you will be benefited from this solution is when you have leadership shortages or waiting for the new leaders to join; we will help you with an interim executive to lead during such times and provide a handover to the incoming leadership or when you need an executive, but you do not want to hire immediately, but to phase the transition, our candidate would be on the assignment until you have pressed the button to hire.

Interim Managers vs Management Consultants

The two share some responsibilities, but interim managers offer benefits beyond what management consultants offer in almost any way we compare them:

Interim Managers

Management Consultants

Obtaining the right skillset

Hired based on personal abilities and reputation.

Chosen by an agency out of whatever resources they have available.


Benefits from cutting costs and improving company effectiveness quickly, as it enhances his or her reputation for future jobs.

Benefits from pushing his or her agency’s additional services or lengthening the service timeline to increase agency revenue.

Active involvement

Both advises on the situation and implements the solution.

Advises on a situation but leaves implementation to you.


Reports, and is accountable directly to you.

Reports to an agency, which wastes time and creates a potential conflict of interest.

Internal Control

Works with your own team, under your complete control.

Works with agency resources, outside of your control.


Specialist in the field you need, assuring you of the experience your needs require.

Generalist whose experience may or may not fit your need.