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5 Ways an external HR Consultant can streamline your HR processes

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The past two years have resulted in mass resignations, re-evaluations, and the tightening of the labour market. This has necessitated companies to redesign and strengthen their HR policies and processes to keep up with the changing economy.

To do this, many organizations are turning to external HR consultants. Hiring an external HR advisor can be beneficial as they can unbiasedly assess your organization’s problems.

The HR consulting market grew by over 7.2% in 2022 and is currently valued at $87.34 billion.

What does an HR Consultant do?

An HR consultant is typically hired to either assess gaps and provide strategic HR solutions, develop or redesign a company’s HR process, aid an organization through periods of transition like mergers or acquisitions by training its human capital, or to take the HR strategy to the next level by defining roadmap, goals, strategies and actionable activities in place.

HR consultants effectively mobilise an organization’s human capital to be strategically aligned with its business goals, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

At Linked4HR, our HR consultants offer an entire comprehensive suite of services:

  1. HR Audit
  2. Workforce Planning
  3. Organization Effectiveness
  4. Organization Design
  5. Talent Acquisition and Development
  6. Leadership Development
  7. Organization Development
  8. Executive coaching
  9. Performance Management
  10. Compensation and Benefits
  11. Culture and Values
  12. Best Practices
  13. HR Digital Transformation
  14. Analytics and Reporting
  15. HR Innovation


How can hiring an external HR Consultant help your organization?
1. Expert industry knowledge

HR consultants bring years of industry expertise and specialised HR knowledge to every project they work on. A consulting team will also usually have experts from every field like recruiting, analytics, litigation, and employee relations. This means they can be effective advisors in every area of an HR department.

As HR consultants have varied experiences in different companies, they can easily identify problem areas and provide actionable solutions that an in-house team might not be able to in a short period of time.

2. Compliance management

All organizations need to be constantly ensuring  that they are following all the labour and compliance laws of their country. But this can be a tedious process if the existing HR department is not well versed in these matters.

Hiring an external HR consultant can aid companies in both external and internal compliance management as these consultants can also assist in investigating work complaints, and can settle employee disputes internally, thereby cutting down on expensive litigation costs.

3. Level up recruiting efforts

As the job market tightens, companies are expected to ramp up their recruiting strategies in order to attract new talent. As employee performance now informs so much of an organizations’ success, an HR consultant will invest time into hiring the right talent.

They can also aid in developing an end-to-end recruitment strategy to ensure talent retention and engagement. This way organizations can cut down on their hiring costs while still getting talent that can contribute to their growth.

4. Advanced HR tools skills

As the digitization of the HR industry continues, it is imperative that companies hire specialists with the right technological skills and expertise to assist them in this process.

HR consultants are well-versed in the usage of data-driven tools and analytics and therefore be a great asset to companies looking to transition into automating their HR workflow.

It is also impossible for in-house HR teams to keep themselves updated on the latest technological advancements in the industry. Hence, hiring external specialists to help is a good way to integrate AI (Artificial Intelligence) into a company’s daily HR workflows safely and efficiently.

5. Build a future-proof HR strategy

Being a future-oriented business is a common goal for today’s organizations. But achieving this rests on creating a future-proof HR strategy. This is where HR consultants can come in and deep dive into your organization’s structure and goals to provide sustainable solutions that perfectly fit your future plans.

Once the strategy is developed, it becomes easier for an organization’s in-house HR team to implement it and focus on overall growth and workforce planning.


Hiring an external HR consultant is a great way to assess whether your organization is meeting its goals. HR consultants will identify key challenges and be able to provide clarity on how HR processes should be redesigned or restructured to put your company back on track.

As they are skilled in an array of services, all the solutions they develop will be strategic and future oriented. This way your organization can easily bridge the gap between whether you are and where they need to be.

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